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St. Michaels Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Kannur

St. Michaels Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Kannur

St. Michael’s Anglo - Indian Higher Secondary School
Kannur, Kerala, India - 670 001
Ph: 0497 2761565


St Michael’s Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School is a well known school all over Kerala. For the past one and half centuries the school has been helping many generations of students to sail through the turbulent waters of life to achieve their divinely destined goals. The school has also been instrumental in dispelling darkness from the minds of students and instilling in them knowledge, values and wisdom.

According to historical documents St Michael’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School was started in 1850s as a small Malayalam medium school situated at an eighteen cent land at Burnassery, Kannur. From that time onwards the school went through different stages of development in different dimensions of its existence. The handing over of the school in 1887 to the Society of Jesus was perhaps the greatest landmark in its history since its inception. The Jesuit Fathers and Brothers, with the help of all the well wishers and friends, led this  institution into different phases of development and growth.

The school has created tens of thousands of eminent people who have done yeomen service in different areas of human life. Our students have brought laurels to the school by their outstanding performance in academic and non-academic areas. Our teachers have enabled the students to embark upon life’s successful journey. During the recent years the school witnessed tremendous infrastructural development. All the class rooms are being converted into smart class rooms. The multipurpose auditorium and the basketball court   were the milestones in the development of the school in the recent past.

The sesquicentennial celebration was inaugurated  in 2014 and we had meaningful proogrammes during the Jubilee year. The Jubilee Celebration was an opportunity  to look into the past  and derive strength and energy from our great tradition and legacy. The Jesuit Tradition and Ignatian Charism stir us to look forward to  future and scale new heights in academic and non- academic areas. I would like to end this note by an appeal to all the well wishers and friends of the school to support us in every way for the growth and development of the school. Your contribution and help, however small, is valuable to us.