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Have you ever encountered people, who carry fire in their hearts; who are so full of passionate love for God that in such restlessness they lived with one foot raised from the ground? St. Ignatius of Loyola, the great visionary, passionate mystic, and founder of the Society of Jesus is often depicted with one foot raised from the ground. To him every instance in human history was an occasion to spread the love of God with the greatest possible creativity and magnanimity. As the world grapples with the Covid pandemic, closely journeying with Ignatius in prayer could offer us ways to see how he could have taken all these as opportunities. 

As a preparation to celebrate his feast on 31st July we, the Kerala Jesuits, will be sharing nine days of novena to St. Ignatius. Come; let's journey with Ignatius for nine days. May this novena help us reorder our lives during this pandemic.

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