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In April, two of our men made their final commitment. In May, one more will do the same. These two events have churned my mind and my heart. How committed are we the ‘finally committed’?

It strikes me that the whole universe is sustained by the commitment of various people. For believers, it is the faithfulness of God to his covenant with his people that keeps the universe going. It is the commitment of a million persons across the world that makes the lives of 7.6 billion people smooth. Think of a mundane, every day activity like a train journey. But for the total dedication of a hundred or more people thousands of lives would be lost in a matter of few seconds. Total commitment sustains life.

Think of a half-hearted commitment. The story of Ananias and Sapphira in the Acts of the Apostles is truly insightful. Half-hearted commitment brings death. Most often, slow and unnoticed death. Death of institutions, values and people.

Unfortunately, the world today is marked by men and women committed half-heartedly to people, causes, the cosmos and God. Leaders in all spheres, who are called to be servants, are notoriously self-centred masters.

In a world where the credibility of religious and priestly life is fast disappearing, full commitment to God and his people and transparency in life is urgently called for.


Fr. M K George SJ