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TUDI, Waynad

TUDI, Waynad

Eachome Post, Wayanad District, Kerala, India- 670721
Phone: +91 4936 286535, Mobile: +91 9447399781


TUDI (Tribal Unity for Development Initiative) is a socio-cultural movement of the indigenous people in Wayanad .The term indigenous people (also referred Indigenous Ethnic Minorities, tribal groups and Scheduled tribes) describes social group with a social and cultural identity, distinct from the dominant society which makes them vulnerable to being disadvantaged in the development process.
Guided and motivated by the vision statement of the Kerala Jesuit Province, in 1990 a group of Jesuits namely Frs. Pal Vadakkel SJ ,Mathew Pullattu SJ, T M Joseph SJ and Bro Joseph Thekkekara SJ  came to the rural area called Eachome in Wayanad ,a hilly region with full of evergreen forests, plantations ,wildlife, paddy fields, river lets, mist-clad mountains and valleys. Taking over a village school namely ‘Sarvodaya ‘,Eachome run by a Hindu Management ,they began education work among socially and economically oppressed culturally subjucated and politically marginalized people such as adivasis, dalits  and marginal farmers . The vision statement of Kerala Province clearly made an option for the ‘adivasi mission’ and thereby there was a preferential option for the tribal children in the school ,for their  social development .But the adivasi people ,whom we want to serve were out of the school due to various reasons..